The Department of Geological Sciences employs around 70 researchers, doctoral students, technical and administrative staff. The head of the department is responsible for all activities at the department, assisted by the deputy head of department, the head of administration and the directors of studies.

Student representation in the running of the department occurs through a subject council that is open to students at undergraduate and advanced level from all subjects within the faculty of science, as well as a doctoral student council for the department's doctoral students. Both of these councils are represented on the department board. The handling of financial and personnel matters for the entire department is handled by the head of administration, together with the department's personnel and financial officers.


Management and Board

Department management

Head of Department: Carl-Magnus Mörth,
Professor of Environmental geochemistry

Deputy Head of Department: Helen Coxall,
Professor of Marine micropaleontology

Head of administration: Viktoria Arwinge,

Chairman of the doctoral student council is Eleonor Ryberg.

The Subject council currently includes the deputy head of department, directors of studies and study administrators.



Ordinary and self-appointed members

  • Head of department
  • Deputy Head of Department
  • Malin Kylander
  • Volker Brüchert
  • Victoria Pease
  • Helen Coxall
  • Richard Gyllencreutz

Technical & Administrative

  • Viktoria Arwinge
  • Elin Tollefsen

Research students

  • Eleonor Ryberg

Student representative

  • Ola Norén


Teacher/researcher: Agatha de Boer and Alasdair Skelton
Technical & Administrative: Elisabeth Däcker
Research students: Paulina Nordfeldt
Student representative: Vakant

According to a decision from the Vice-Chancellor, all departments must have a local work environment council to systematically work for a good work environment.

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