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Environmental action plan, reports and travel statistics for IGV

IGV environmental action plan/ Miljöhandlingsplan för 2022 (41 Kb) (in Swedish)
IGV Environmental survey report 2019 (423 Kb)
IGV Environmental survey report 2018 (341 Kb)

Travel statistics

Train travel km per employee for IGV 2012–2018 (379 Kb)
Air travel km per employee for IGV 2012–2018 (376 Kb)
Air travel km in total for IGV 2012–2018

Travel and meetings

Travel and meeting policy for Stockholm University
Digitala möten och videokonferenser vid universitetet (page only available in Swedish)

Purchase and procurement

  • Purchase and procurement are among the university activities with the largest environmental imprint. Therefore it is important to make environmentally good choices when purchasing. The document Regler för inköp och upphandling (Rules for purchase and procurement, only in Swedish) states that the University's Environmental Policy applies to all purchases and procurement. Information in English about procurement.
  • Upphandlingshandboken (The Procurement handbook, only in Swedish) has information on environmental and social requirements (Miljökrav och sociala krav) to prioritize in procurement.

Laboratory work

Energy saving

To save energy, please remember to always:

  • Turn off the lights when you leave your office for lunch and meetings.
  • Turn off screens and machines and unplug chargers not in use.
  • In the laboratory, keep the fume hoods closed when not in use.
  • Consider the energy efficiency when buying new electrical equipment.

Read more about saving energy at Sustainable Campus.


Spring meeting calendar for 2022 (8 Kb)

Ämne Datim Tid
Grundutbildningsberedningen (GB)/The undergraduate education committee 1 Jan. 13.00
Tarfalastyrelse (TS)/Board meeting Tarfala 11 Jan. 09.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 17 Jan. 10.00
Arbetsutskottet (AU)/Working committee – faculty 18 Jan. 13.00
Ledningsgrupp (LG)/Management meeting 19 Jan. 09.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting   24 Jan. 10.00
Sektionsberedningen (SB)/Section committee 27 Jan. 10.00
Måndagsmöte (VA)/Monday meeting 31 Jan. 10.00
Områdesnämnd (ON)/Faculty board 3 Feb. 13.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 7 Feb. 10.00
Prefektmöte (PM)/Prefekt meeting  9 Feb. 15.00
Styrelsemöte Bolincentret (BC)/Board meeting Bolin centre 10 Feb. 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 14 Feb. 10.00
Måndagsmöte (VA)/Monday meeting 21 Feb. 10.00
Grundutbildningsberedningen (GB)/The undergraduate education committee 7 Mars 13.00
Ledningsgrupp (LG)/Management meeting 8 Mars 09.00
Styrelsemöte IGV (BM-IGV EKONOMI)/Board meeting IGV 10 Mars 13.00
Måndagsmöte (MM och VA – ekonomi)/Monday meeting 14 Mars 10.00
Arbetsutskottet (AU)/Working committee – faculty 15 Mars 10.00
Tarfalastyrelse (TS)/Board meeting Tarfala 17 Mars 09.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 21 Mars 10.00
Sektionsberedningen (SB)/Section committee 24 Mars 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 28 Mars 10.00
Områdesnämnd (ON)/Faculty board 31 Mars 13.00
Måndagsmöte (VA)/Monday meeting 4 April 10.00
Styrelsemote Bolincentret (BC)/Board meeting Bolin centre 7 April 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 11 April 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 18 April 10.00
Ledningsgrupp (LG)/Management meeting 20 April 09.00
Möte miljoplan och kollegium om nya programmet/Collegiate on Environment and Education 21 April all-day
Måndagsmöte (VA)/Monday meeting 25 April 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 2 May 10.00
Prefektmote (PM)/Prefekt meeting 5 May 15.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 9 May 10.00
Grundutbildningsberedningen (GB)/The undergraduate education committee 9 May 13.00
Tarfalastyrelse (TS)/Board meeting Tarfala 12 May 09.00
Måndagsmöte (VA)/Monday meeting 16 May 10.00
Arbetsutskottet (AU)/Working committee – faculty 17 May 13.00
Ledningsgrupp (LG)/Management meeting 19 May 09.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 23 May 10.00
Styrelsemöte IGV (BM-IGV)/Board meeting IGV 24 May 13.00
Sektionsberedningen (SB)/Section committee 25 May 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 30 May 10.00
Områdesnämnd (ON)/Faculty board 2 June 13.00
Styrelsemote Bolincentret (BC)/Board meeting Bolin centre 9 June 10.00
Måndagsmöte (MM)/Monday meeting 13 June 10.00

Terms of employment

Here you can find information about working hours, illness and medical care, different types of leave, holidays and insurance and pension.

Checklist starting/ending employment at IGV (74 Kb)


Insurance and Pension

Occupational health care services


Wellness and wellness benefit


Expence claim

Expenses are reported by the employee directly in primula, copies of receipts are scanned in and attached to the case. The originals are delivered to the financial administrator.



All purchases at IGV must follow the guidelines for procurement at Stockholm University. The University's Environmental Policy applies to all procurement. The needs and goals of the department must govern all procurement, so that contracts, services and goods have the right quality, with the least possible environmental impact and at the cost that is most economically advantageous in the long term.

Schauki Karim is a certified purchasing coordinator at the Department of Geological Sciences/IGV-464 and responsible for purchasing and procurement. He is also the contact person at the purchasing unit/Procurement unit at the Finance department.

You can contact for questions regarding purchasing, procurement, direct procurement for sums exceeding SEK 100,000 via the Direct Procurement Portal Visma, and to find procured suppliers via both the agreement catalog/SU and

For more information please go to SU's website.

Secondary employment means any activity alongside a staff member’s work that cannot be regarded as part of his or her private life. Secondary employment can be either paid or unpaid.

Regulations concerning secondary employment

Employees should report secondary employment in the HR system Primula.
Teachers should do this continuously and on their own initiative. Other employees are only required to report secondary employment in Primula, if the employer requests it.

Agreement with new travel agency, Egencia, applies from July 1, 2019. The travel agency has been contracted in accordance with the Swedish Public Procurement Act.

The agreement means that it obliges everyone at the university to buy their business travel with them.

Contact Egencia

Stockholm University and SJ AB have an agreement on business travel by train.
Train tickets can be bought directly from SJ.


The Stockholm University section for safety and security is available around the clock seven days per week (24/7) on phone (08) 16 22 16 or (08) 16 42 00. Please read the Evacuation Plan instructions, located at the entrance of each corridor. In the case of a fire alarm, leave the building immediately.

Chemical Handling Procedure (72 Kb)

Gaskännedom och gashantering (865 Kb)

Gas risks (93 Kb)

Handling gas cylinders (97 Kb)

KLARA tutorial

Labansvariga (269 Kb)

Policy för riskbedömning av kemiska arbetsmiljörisker vid IGV (562 Kb)

Ramverk for laboratorieverksamheten vid IGV (273 Kb)

Requirements to work in IGVs laboratories (288 Kb)

Report an incident

Safety regulations (350 Kb)

Storing gas cylinders (89 Kb)

Templates for discussion regarding laboratory work (139 Kb)

More information about working with gas and gas bottles can be found at


December 2021 (147 Kb)

September 2021 (2881 Kb)

June 2021 (1394 Kb)

April 2021 (245 Kb)

March 2021 (194 Kb)

February 2021 (229 Kb)

December 2020 (335 Kb)

September 2020 (254 Kb)

June 2020 (196 Kb)

Mars 2020 (234 Kb)

December 2019 (2145 Kb)

September 2019 (2724 Kb)

May 2019 (504 Kb)

January 2019 (759 Kb)

September 2018 (1855 Kb)


Stockholm University has a tip line for students and staff. Here it is possible to report crimes, threats, harassment or other matters concerning security at the university. Checklists for crises can also be downloaded.

In case of emergency

The department has a local action plan if a crisis or danger should occur at the department.

Krisplan 2021–2022 (185 Kb)

Riskbedomning IGV 2021–2022 (6515 Kb)

Cardiac starter

A cardiac starter is located outside Krister's room S2 in floor 2. No formal training is needed to use the cardiac starter. Instructions on how to use it is attached to the machine.


Information for Researchers

Here you can find advice, support, service as a researcher at Stockholm University.

EU project

What is special about EU projects? The special thing about EU projects is that they legally binds the whole university to the project.

Information and services

Open access and Open data at Stockholm University

There is a requirement that peer-reviewed publications should be published in Open Access. On this page you will find some useful information regarding Open Access and Open data i Horizon 2020.

Open access and Open data

Contact information: advice, service and support for researchers

Several of the Offices within the University Administration offer their services and support to researchers at Stockholm University.

Contact information

Compilations of research funding opportunities

Funding calls



Information for PhD students

PhD handbook



Independent project description form (17 Kb)

Individual project evaluation form (501 Kb)


Other stuff

Risk Assessment

Evaluation of risks in connection with various activities.

Riskbedomning IGV 2021–2022 (6515 Kb)

IGV workflow

Lecture halls booking system

You can book IGV lectures halls through the link below.

Staff web at SU

At medarbetarwebben you should be able to find all information for you as an employee and also information about internal training, courses and lectures in different areas.
Stockholm University medarbetarwebb
Stockholm University staff events
Stockholm University staff news


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