When you have completed your studies at Stockholm University you are welcome to apply for your certificate at the Student Services.

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The certificate is issued upon request and is free of charge.


Degree requirements

All courses and study programmes are placed within one of three cycles: first, second or third cycle. Each cycle builds on studies from the previous cycle and each qualification is specified by one of these cycles.

Local qualification descriptors

Since 1 January 2016, local qualification descriptors are available, which are adopted by the academic area boards based on a common model. The local qualification descriptors cover general first and second-cycle qualifications. The programme syllabi fill the same function for professional qualifications and the general syllabi contain the provisions for third-cycle qualifications.

For more information or translation of the local qualification descriptors, please contact Elisabeth Däcker at


To acquire a Bachelor of Science, the following requirements must be fulfilled: 180 credits in completed courses (three years of full-time studies) and at least 150 credits need to be in the main subject, including a degree project of at least 15 credits.

At the Department of Geological Sciences, we have the following Bachelor degree programmes:

Earth Science programme on-site (only in Swedish)
Marine geoscience programme on-site
Earth Science programme, distance Learning

For a Master of Science in Geological Sciences the following requirements have to be fulfilled: 120 credits in completed courses (two years of full-time studies) of which the main part are second cycle courses, and at least 90 credits within the same main field of study, including a degree project of at least 30 credits.

Master’s degree programme in Geological Sciences
Master's degree programme in Geochemistry


To build your own bachelor's degree you must study courses in your main subject comprising 90 credits and including a bachelor's course with a degree project.

This means that, in the subject you want to have as your main subject, you must study a basic course of 30 credits, a continuation course of 30 credits and a bachelor's course of 30 credits. Then you must supplement with freely chosen courses in other subjects so that there will be 180 credits together – you can combine courses from all faculties and your choices are wide. You can advantageously study your broadening subjects before you read the bachelor's course in your major subject.

For more information please contact the Director of studies Richard Gyllencreutz,


The Department of Geological Sciences has three research education programs: Geochemistry, Geology and Marine Geology. This education ends with a degree as Licentiate of Philosophy and/or Doctor of Philosophy in one of the three programs.
Read more about our PhD studies:

PhD studies

Professors in charge of the programs

Geochemistry, Magnus Mörth | +46 (0)8 16 47 31,
Geology, Alasdair Skelton | +46 (0)8 16 47 50,
Marine Geology, Martin Jakobsson | +46 (0)8 16 47 19,

Admission to the PhD program is only possible by applying to an announced PhD position. Carefully follow the instructions for making your application as indicated in the announcement, and submit your documents before the deadline.

The deadlines for applications for PhD positions at the Department of Geological Sciences

January 15 and September 15: Available positions are announced.
February 15 and October 15: Deadline for applications.

Questions about applications should be directed to the director of studies for PhD programmes

Malin Kylander | +46 (0)8 674 78 98,

PhD handbook



When you have completed your studies at Stockholm University you are welcome to apply for your certificate at the Student Services. The certificate is issued upon request and is free of charge.

Application for a degree certificate


Questions? Please contact our Directores of studies:

Director of bachelor program on-site
Richard Gyllencreutz |

Director of bachelor program by distance
Alasdair Skelton |

Director of studies for master program in Geological Sciences
Volker Bruechert |

Director of studies for master program in Climate Science |

Director of studies for PhD programmes
Malin Kylander | (08) 674 78 98,


Academic ceremonies

Insignier, upplagda Doktorsdiplom i rullar. Stockholms Stadshus.
Photo: Ingmarie Andersson

Stockholm University arranges a number of academic ceremonies every year to celebrate academic achievements and appointments. The doctoral conferment is the most important and traditionalized. The professorial installation welcomes newly appointed professors to the University. Twice a year, the master's conferment is held to celebrate those who have taken a master's degree. In addition, university departments and faculty students' associations arrange different events to celebrate their graduating students.

Read more about the Academic ceremonies at Stockholm University

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Previous degree projects, from 2000 until today:

Bachelor and master theses

Lic and doctoral theses



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