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The Department of Geological Sciences is located in the Geoscience building.

The Geoscience building is located on Stockholm University's campus, Frescati, on Norra Djurgården in Stockholm. The campus is located in the middle of Sweden's first national city park and is surrounded by beautiful nature.

Directions to us

Visiting address: Geovetenskapens Hus, Svante Arrhenius väg 8 and 12, 114 18 Stockholm.
The main entrances (väg 12) are on the south side of the building.

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Our lecture halls are located in the Geoscience building:
U10, U13, U27, U28, William-Olsson and Y11.
Geoscience building lecture halls (91 Kb)

How to get to campus Frescati

Metro: Red line to Universitet.
Roslagsbana: To Universitetet.
Bus: 50, 540 to Universitet Norra. Also some of 600-buses (between Östra station and Roslagen) stops at the metro station.
Car: Via Roslagsvägen (from Roslagstull to Norrtälje), Frescativägen, Svante Arrhenius väg. Parking spaces are available at Svante Arrhenius väg.

Location of the department on Google maps

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Resources at the department

Our own and other resources at the department
tre olika bilder av de resurser som finns hos institutionen för geologiska vetenskaper

There are extensive resources at the department, from research level instrumentation for analysis and imaging to sophisticated geophysical mapping tools. There is also sample preparation facilities and a well-equipped workshop for customized needs. Data storage is offered in partnership with the Bolin Centre for Climate Research.


Askölaboratoriet, utsikt från en båt

At the Askö Laboratory, researchers are offered several opportunities to study the sea; directly in the field, inside the laboratory or in between those two, in the experimental hall. Different methods suit different types of issues.

Conduct research at Askö Laboratory

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+46 8 5537 85 80

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