Webinar about the IPCC WGI report 2021 The Physical Science Basis

View the webinar from September 2, 2021, on YouTube - see link below.

Front cover for Climate Change 2021 report The Physicla Science Basis. IPCC 2021

The web-broadcast seminar is a collaboration between SMHI, Stockholm University (SU) and the Swedish Meteorological Society (SMS).

Organisation committee:

Erland Källén, MISU (convener)
Svante Bodin, ICCI
Markku Rummukainen (SMHI, IPCC rep for Sweden)
Thorsten Mauritsen, MISU (co-author to the IPCC report)
Erik Kjellström, SMHI
Aiden Jönsson, MISU and SMS

Link to the webinar

No registration is needed - join us via Zoom through the following link: https://stockholmuniversity.zoom.us/j/62928487217

The seminar can be viewed on YouTube:


Please note that the Introduction to IPCC and the Panel discussion will be in Swedish.



13.00 Welcome

Erland Källén, MISU

13.05 Introduction to IPCC (in Swedish)

Lena Lindström, SMHI

13.20 Main conclusions from the IPCC WG1 report

Deliang Chen, University of Gothenburg

13.45 Break

14.00 Theme 1 - Projections, climate models and climate sensitivity

Thorsten Mauritsen, MISU

14.15 Theme 2 - Glaciers and sea-level

Tamsin Edwards, King’s College, London, UK

14.30 Theme 3 - Carbon cycle including permafrost

Gustaf Hugelius, Stockholm University

14.45 Theme 4 - Shortlived radiative forcings including aerosols

Laura Gallardo, University of Chile, Santiago

15.00 Break

15.15 Theme 5 - North Atlantic including AMOC, the Arctic and Nordic countries

Jens Hesselbjerg-Christensen, University of Copenhagen

15.30 Panel discussion and general discussion (in Swedish)

How does the new report differ from what we knew from before?

What role does the increased Natural Science knowledge about climate change play for the society?

Panel participants:

Johan Kuylenstierna, chair, Swedish Climate Policy Council, SU
Ingrid Petersson, Director General, FORMAS
Mattias Frumerie, Head of Delegation to UNFCCC, Swedish Ministry of Environment
Annika Digréus, environmental journalist, SR
Leo Rudberg, Fältbiologerna


Erik Kjellström, SMHI