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Higher education in Sweden

Sweden has adopted the Bologna system in line with other European countries. Follow the below links and you will find information about credits, degrees, grading system, scholarships and much more.

Higher education system in Sweden
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Your rights and responsibilities

Your rights as a student come in part from laws and regulations and in part from local precepts at Stockholm University.

Here is information on some of the most important rights and responsibilities that you have as a student.

Your rights and responsibilities


Any student who is caught cheating or disrupting academic activities may be suspended from lectures and exams for a period of up to six months. You can find more information under Your rights and responsibilities.

See also:

Governing documents related to education


IT support for students

All students at Stockholm University are automatically given a student account, which gives you access to the Stockholm University network. This account is linked to a number of services such as printing, seeing your grades and obtaining a transcript of records. More information about this account and how to activate it are available at 

Digital tools for students



You can log into the course platform Athena with the help of your university account. The platform is used for communicating with teachers and other students, handing in and receiving projects, schedule changes etc.

If you want to find schedules, course literature etc., go to each individual course's Athena page at athena.itslearning.com/.


Documents and templates

Below are documents that are useful for you when you are a Bachelor or Master student at MISU. They can be downloaded from Athena. If you can't find what you are looking for, please contact the Study Counselor.

This general manual contains instructions on how to use the command terminal, and how to install gfortran, Python and NetCDF. It is useful for any course that involves computer lab work.

  • Technical introduction to all MISU computer labs (536 Kb)

MISU uses a long and a short template for lab reports and you will be informed which one to use for each course.

  • Lab report template long
  • Lab report template short
  • Template Degree project plan master
  • SU visual Template Master thesis
  • Checklist supervisor degree project MISU
  • Checklist student degree project MISU
  • Checklist contact supervisor degree project
  • Some advice for external degree projects

Student representation, equal rights and health

Below are links to information about student representation, equality and health.

At the department level, there are student representatives in the department board, the Undergraduate Education Council and the Work Environment, Equality and Environment (WEEE) Council. You can find more information about the department organisation and student representatives here.

MISU is actively working on utilizing the resources that students and employees with different backgrounds, life situations and skills bring to the department.

The work is conducted for example by the Work Environment, Equality and Environment (WEEE) Council.

The group's purpose is to systematically work on the work environment, equal rights and the environment at the department. Both staff and students are part of the WEEE Council.

If you feel that you have been the victim of discrimination or abusive treatment, contact the Head of the department, the Head of administration or the Coordinator for equal treatment of students (Student services, Studenthuset).

As a student with a documented disability you can apply for educational support. Read more about this at SU's central website.


As a student at Stockholm University you have access to student health services for problems that affect your health or student situation.

Stockholm Student Health Services offers both health advice for physical ailments and psychological help.

Here you can learn more about stress management and what you can do to influence your physical work situation. For example, you can learn how to avoid stress and muscle injuries from sitting too long with your books or by the computer.

Read more about student health care at:

Stockholm Student Health Services


Student unions

As a student at Stockholm University, you can join a student union. You can find more information here:

Student unions at Stockholm University

Stockholm University Student Union (SUS) is the largest of the student unions, and represents almost all Stockholm University students. They organise students who want to influence their education and promotes student interests when the university makes decisions. You can take part in or organise various events and activities through student union associations, as well as student councils and PhD councils.

If you have problems connected to your education, the SUS ombud provide support concerning student rights and student influence in connection with investigations or for general information. The ombud offer information about student rights and responsibilities. This applies both to disciplinary matters and questions concerning your education. The student ombud do not represent students and do not participate in meetings, but provide information in preparation for these meetings.

You can find more information on the SUS website. In the event of harassment and discrimination, students are directed to Equal treatment at Stockholm University, which can be reached by email at likavillkor@su.se.

SUS website

SUS student ombud


Student life at Stockholm University

All you need to know about being a student at Stockholm University: important dates, housing, qualifications & degrees, rules & policies, student services, etc.

Student life at Stockholm University (English)
Studentliv vid Stockholms universitet (Swedish)

One of our former students started a blog together with two students from Norway, about the life as a meteorology student as Oslo University.

They are now working as meteorologists and continue to write their blog, in a mix of Norwegian and Swedish.

Find out about their exciting work! http://meteorologi-jentene.blogspot.se




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