Our researchers and students produce many publications of high scientific quality every year. Since 2007 these are registered in DiVA, the Digital Academic Archive, for easy access.

Further down on this page you will find a list of all our publications, which you can filter and sort according to e.g. year and title. If you want to do a more advanced search, you can go to DiVA directly.

DiVA (the Digital Academic Archive)

Publications connected to a specific researcher or research project are also shown on the respective profile or project page.

Profile pages for MISU researchers

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MISU has had a strong connection to the scientific journal Tellus since it was started in 1949, and maintains a close collaboration within the editorial work of the journal. You can read more about Tellus here.

Our publications in DiVA

In DiVA (The Digital Academic Archive) you will find all publications by Stockholm University’s researchers and educators from year 2007.

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