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Are you interested in the most important environmental issues of today? Do you want to test the limits of current understanding of the weather, oceans and climate of Earth? As a doctoral student at the Department of Meteorology, you will not only learn about the latest research, but also actively contribute to new knowledge in these areas.

Doctoral studies take four years, and lead to a PhD degree, which is the highest academic degree there is in Sweden. The doctoral programme at the Department of Meteorology (MISU) offers a PhD in Atmospheric Sciences and Oceanography.

Within the programme, you spend most of your time working on your very own research project. You'll be guided by experts in your field, and will be encouraged to become an expert yourself. Alongside your project, you'll also have advanced courses on subjects that are relevant to your project, which you can take both at MISU and at other universities. You will present your work to other researchers on a regular basis, and if you're interested in helping to guide students at bachelor's and master's level, you can also assist in the teaching at MISU.

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