Below is contact information for several functions at MISU.


PhD students


Professors and researchers


Technical research staff


Administrative and IT staff


Department management

Head of department
Deputy head of department
Head of Administration

Education contacts

Study counselor
Student office
Director of studies for BSc and MSc programmes
Director of studies for PhD programme
Head of subject for PhD programme

Press contact

Are you looking for an expert on climate and climate change? You can find a selection of Stockholm University researchers, including several from MISU, here:

Climate and climate change – experts at Stockholm University (in Swedish)

For help finding additional experts, or for other press inquiries, please get in touch with our press contact.

Press contact

Web editor

Web editor

Mailing address

Stockholm University
Department of Meteorology
SE-106 91 Stockholm

Visiting address

Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, 6th floor, Frescati campus


+46(0)8 16 20 00

Organisation number/VAT number

(Stockholm University)


Deliveries are to be made to Svante Arrhenius väg 16C, 6th floor.

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