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Master's Programme in Asian Studies

The Master's programme in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides advanced knowledge about the Asian languages and cultures with its main focus on Japan, China and Korea. The programme also provides in-depth training in one of the major East Asian languages: Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

The focus of the programme is developing the student's ability to interdisciplinary analysis of East Asia as a whole, and Japan, China and Korea specifically. Advanced knowledge in one of the three languages is considered central for achieving this goal.

By combining an interdisciplinary approach with country specific knowledge, the student is given the opportunity to focus on issues central for the region and contextualize East Asia on a global level.

Within the programme there is room for internship, field work or studies abroad, by choosing to attend the third semester elective courses at another university, for example in Japan, China or Korea.

The programme consists of four semester of full time studies of which 75 credits are compulsory. The second semester consists of 15 credits of elective courses and the third semester consists of 30 credits of elective courses that may be attended at Stockholm University or another university, studies abroad or internship.

During the last semester students write their Master's Thesis that comprise of 30 credits. The thesis is written in English with sources in Japanese, Chinese or Korean.

In total, at least 60 credits are studied in Asian Languages and Cultures.

The thesis writing and all course instructions are conducted in English.

With its flexible programme format, the MA in Asian Studies allows students to tailor their studies in accordance with their interests or career ambitions. The programme prepares students for a diversity of careers in the public and private sector that require analytical skills and knowledge of East Asia. The program also provides access to third level education in Asian Studies.