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Master's Programme in Asian Studies

  • 120 credits

The Master's programme in Asian Studies is an interdisciplinary program that provides in-depth knowledge of the Asian languages ​​and cultures, with its main focus on Japan, China and Korea. The program also provides in-depth training in one of the major East Asian languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean.

The programme's focus is on developing the student's ability in scientific analysis of East Asia as a whole, which is partly achieved by studying source material in each language, partly through in-depth studies of the other countries. By combining general studies with country-specific knowledge, the student has opportunities to discuss and contextualize East Asia, even on a global level.

Within the programme it is possible to conduct an internship or field work, as well as studies abroad. During the third semester, the students may choose to take the elective courses at another university, for example in China, Japan or Korea.

The programme consists of four semesters of full-time studies, including 60 credits of compulsory courses, one semester (30 credits), which can consist of internships, or studies at another university, or elective courses (or a combination of these), and finally a 30 credit degree project (Master's thesis). The thesis is written in the language that the student has written his or her bachelor thesis in. In total, at least 75 credits are studied in Asia:s languages ​​and cultures.

The programme prepares students for work in industry, government, international organizations, research and development, media and journalism, in positions which require in-depth knowledge and analysis on issues related to Asia, as well as a good knowledge of an East Asian language. The program also provides access to third level education.

Instruction is in English.

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