By: Sara Shakeri Maneash

Title: Role of MTH1 and MYH proteins in genotoxic effects of radiation


Humans are constantly exposed to different types of radiations. It has been suggested that low dose and low dose rate of γ-radiation as well as ultra violet A (UVA) induce oxidative stress in cells that may promote mutations. The mechanisms behind radiation-induced oxidative stress and its relation to genotoxicity and cancer induction are not well understood. In the majority of investigations, the DNA molecule has been studied as the target for mutations, however the results obtained in our group point out that DNA bases in the cytoplasm could also be a significant target. MTH1 and MYH are two of the key proteins of the repair pathway that prevent mutations arising from oxidized DNA
bases. In this thesis, we studied the role of MTH1 and MYH in genotoxicity of UVA and γ-radiation. The adaptive response to low dose rates of γ-radiation was also investigated. MTH1 and/or MYH were knockdown in human lymphoblastoid TK6 cells. The clonogenic survival, mutant frequency and chromosomal aberration assays were performed following UVA or γ-radiation exposure. Our results indicated that acute exposure to UVA or γ-radiation affects cell survival and also increases the mutant frequency above the background. The mutant frequency in MTH1 deficient cells was higher than that in wild types after UVA exposure. Following γ-radiation exposure, a higher mutant frequency was observed in the MYH and MTH1 deficient cells, in comparison to either MYH or MTH1 deficient or wild type cells. No dose rate effect of γ-radiation for mutations was observed. An adaptive response to γ-radiation was observed at the mutation level in MCF-10A cells but not at the survival level. In summary, our results suggest that; a) MYH and MTH1 cooperatively protect cells against genotoxic effects of γ-radiation; b) MTH1 protects cells from UVA-induced mutations; c) low dose rates of γ-radiation may induce an adaptive response at the mutation level; d) there is no dose rate effect for γ-radiation at the mutation level.

Keywords: MTH1, MYH, gamma radiation, UV radiation, oxidative stress, low dose rate
ionizing radiation.