The Wheat lab is looking for Master’s students interested in learning about how butterflies make color, and the cost of making that color. We work with live butterflies, sequence their genomes, and manipulate their genomes using the CRISPR/Cas9 gene editing tool. Wing color is an attractive phenotype to study as it is caused by the interaction of many different developmental, pigmentation and patterning genes, but also produces an easily observable phenotype.

Depending on the interests of the student, research can involve:

  • working with live butterflies
  • using molecular biology to manipulate gene function
  • bioinformatic analysis of genomic data to identify genetic variation related to color variation.

Our goal will be to both train students and generate high-quality data that will result in published work and a high-quality Master’s thesis.

For more information, please contact Chris at:

Read more about the lab: here!