PhD studies

Photo: Niklas Janz

PhD studies


At the Department of Zoology we are always interested in meeting enthusiastic students who share our research interests.

The Department of Zoology organizes five PhD programs: Zoological ecology, Ethology, Functional Morphology, Population Genetics, and Systematics and Evolution. In order to be accepted to a PhD programme you must apply to a specific PhD student position announced and it is then the Department of Zoology that decides who will be offered the position. This is the only way to be accepted to a PhD programme at the department. However, even though there might not be an available position relevant for the research subject of your interest at the time you look, it is always a good idea to check out directly with Our Researchers at the department. There might be new PhD student positions soon to be announced.

New PhD student positions are announced four times a year under Vacancies at our homepage. Announcement dates for available PhD positions are: January 15, April 2, September 1 and October 15.





All undergraduate courses in biology are organized and managed by Department of Biology Education, BIG. You find more information about courses and programmes on BIGs homepage.

Directors of studies at Department of Zoology:
Ecology: Niklas Janz
Ethology: Niclas Kolm
Faunistics: Cecilia Kullberg
Functional Morphology: Mikael Carlsson
Population Genetics: Linda Laikre

Director of studies for postgraduate studies: Carl Gotthard

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