Our courses at Bachelor’s (first cycle) level

Though most courses are in Swedish, a significant number (in bold letters below) are given in English and adapted to the needs of international students.

Introductory courses

BL1004 Evolutionary Biology, 7.5 hp
BL1008 Swedish Animals and Plants, 7.5 hp
BL1011 Garden Biology, 7.5 hp

Basic courses

Ecology I, 15 hp
Floristics, 5 hp
Physiology, 15 hp
Diversity and phylogeny of organisms, 15 hp
The Baltic Sea Environment for Biology-Earth Sciences, 8 hp
The Baltic Sea Environment for Marine Biologists, 7.5 hp

Ecology II, 15 hp
Ecotoxicology, 15 hp
Evolutionary Biology, 15 hp
Research Traineeship in Marine Biology, 7.5 hp
Moss and Lichen Floristics with Field Inventory Mehtods, 6 hp
Tropical Marine Biology, 7.5 hp
The Role of Plant physiology in Society, 15hp, PDF (422 Kb)

Summer course: Floristics, 7.5 hp
Summer course: Marine biology, 15 hp

Degree project

Is in the form of a course, “Degree Theses, 15 hp”, given in Swedish.

All courses are administrated by the Department of Biology Education, (www.big.su.se/eng)