Master's thesis

Master's thesis

The department offers degree projects in the subject areas Ecotoxicology, Marine Ecology, Plant Ecology, Plant Physiology and Plant Systematics.
Please contact the relevant director of studies.

Barbro Axelius (plant systematics)
Sara Rydberg (plant physiology)
Kristoffer Hylander (plant ecology/ecology)
Michael Tedengren (marine ekology and ecotoxicology)

Also visit for more formal information on degree projects.


Do you like spiders?

Master degree project - for both ecologists and molecular biologists

Microtubule organization

Plant vascular conduit formation

Master's thesis project in Molecular Plant Phsyiology.

Lignin-reduced mutant

Lignin formation in plant vascular system

Master's thesis project in Molecular Plant Physiology.


MSc thesis project/Examensarbete

Establish a nitrogen-fixing Frankia strain as endophyte in non-actinorhizal plants

Frankia host

MSc thesis project/Examensarbete

Establish a sterile infection system for the actinorhizal plant Datisca glomerata: how does the microsymbiont sporulate?


The Department of Biological Education (BIG) administrates our courses. More information about courses and programmes is available on their homepage.

Departmental study director
Sara Rydberg

Directors of studies
Per Ola Karis (Plant Systematics)
Sara Rydberg (Plant Physiology)
Kristoffer Hylander (Ecology)
Johan Eklöf (Marine Biology)


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