Alan Higgins Award for Applied Micropaleontology

Congratulations to Allison Hsiang for winning the Alan Higgins Award

Photo: Private
Photo: Private

Allison Hsiang, researcher at IGV, has won this year's Alan Higgins Award for Applied Micropaleontology!

The Higgins Award is given to a young scientist, less than 10 years from graduation, in recognition of significant achievement in the field of applied and industrial micropalaeontology, as documented by publications, software, patents, leadership or educational activities.

Allison Hsiang's work focuses on novel computational methods to study morphological evolution of primarily planktonic foraminifera in deep time. For this she developed open-source software for image processing and deep learning to create data sets which help us to better understand macroevolutionary processes and interactions between biological communities and the environment.


Hsiang et al. (2019) Paleoceanography and Paleoclimatology.


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