Raquel André

2014, Rio de Janeiro, Raquel asked a stranger to go to his house and photograph her as if she was part of his intimacy. It was the beginning of Collection of People, a collection of 4 projects: Lovers, Collectors, Artists and Spectators.

All the collections are accumulating. In every city Raquel André goes through, she collects more people, an ongoing action for 10 years. From these one-to-one meetings, Raquel creates shows, performances, conferences, books and exhibitions to create her archive of the ephemeral.

This event is meant not only to present the artist’s processes of creation, but also to establish a dialogue between the artist and the participants. 

Audience: students, teachers of theatre/performance studies, actors/performers.

Language: English.

Camões I.P.at Stockholm University/Portuguese Embassy Sweden

Vera Faias Fonseca de Carvalho - Camões I.P. Portuguese Lecturer - Romanska och klassiska institutionen, Stockholms universitet
Cultural advisor at Embassy of Portugal

Registration required:

By email to clpestocolmo@gmail.com until the 31st of August.

Limited number of participants.

All the confirmed participants will receive a zoom meeting link prior to the event.

Camões Institute of Language and Culture from Portugal is present at Stockholm University at the Department of Romance and Classic Studies. More info: https://institutocamoessthlm.wordpress.com/