Han Lamers

Han Lamers will give a joint Classics seminar entitled “ʽGreekness’: Identifications with the Ancient Greeks in Early Modern Europe.”

This paper explores the ways in which, before the emergence of modern Philhellenism, learned elites all over Europe identified themselves with the ancient Greeks. This ‘imagined Greekness’ has been studied in the context of French humanism but was a Europe-wide phenomenon. From Italy to Finland, people regarded themselves as heirs of Hellas or even descendants of the ancient Greeks. Diverse groups vied for the ‘ownership’ of the Greek heritage, citing language, archaeology, and myth and history as evidence for their claims. While a general history of such ‘imagined Greekness’ is absent, this paper offers a first overview of the phenomenon and indicates some avenues for further research.

Arrangör/Organiser: seminarierna i latin och grekiska
Kontakt/Contact: Denis Searby
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