Emile Chabal

Drawing on my research on contemporary French political culture, I will try to suggest a number of ways that might help us understand politics. In particular, I will argue that binary categories of right and left are no longer fit for purpose and need to be replaced by overlapping analytical frameworks centred on ideas of the nation, debates surrounding citizenship, reform of the state, the future of the capitalist economy, and competing moral value systems.

Emile Chabal is a Reader in History at the University of Edinburgh, his research focuses on the transformation of French politics since the 1970s, Franco-British relations in the 20th century and the legacy of postcolonialism in France. This has led to a wide range of publications on subjects as varied as French republicanism, the idea of the ’Anglo-Saxon’ in modern French thought, and the history of inter-community relations in Montpellier since the end of the Algerian War. 

The lecture will be held in English


Organiser: Romkult - Cultural Studies in Romance Languages
Contact: Christophe Premat
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