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Romance Linguistics

More than one billion people around the world speak a Romance language as their first or shared first language. The most wide-spread Romance languages are Spanish, French, Portuguese and Italian – i.e. the same four languages that can be studied at Stockholm University. Spanish, French or Portuguese is the official language of more than thirty countries in Europe, the Americas, Africa and Oceania. In addition, many so-called creole languages have developed from French, Portuguese and Spanish in Africa, Asia, Oceania and the Americas.


  • Romklass på Bokmässan 2019 2019-09-30 Sofia Lodén och Cecilia Schwartz från Romanska och klassiska institutionen medverkar på Bokmässan 2019 i Göteborg
  • A dictionary of Italian word families 2019-09-25 A new kind of dictionary by Prof. Michele Colombo and prof. Paolo D’Achille (Third University of Rome) has been published
  • Brev skapade ordning i krigets kaos 2019-09-20 Ny artikel publicerad i Språktidningen av Anders Bengtsson, professor i fransk språkvetenskap
  • Sofia Lodén is the winner of an essay prize 2019-09-16 Sofia Lodén, researcher in medieval literature, has won the international JIAS (Journal of the International Arthurian Society) essay price for her article “Female Arthurians in Scandinavia: Eufemia, Christina and the Modern Female Scholar”, published in the journal in September 2019.


Françoise Sullet-Nylander 

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Maria Bernal

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Anders Bengtsson
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