You apply to this autumn’s courses through by April 15th at the latest. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Please note that all first cycle courses are taught in Swedish and requires a documented knowledge of Swedish.


We have beginner courses in Mandarin Chinese, Introductory course in Chinese I & II, for you who do not have any prior knowledge in Chinese. This course will prepare you for further Chinese studies. After completing Introductory course in Chinese I & II you can apply for the course Chinese I, which is held during the autumn semester.

These courses are held as evening courses during the autumn semester and in daytime during the spring semester.

If you have studied Chinese before

You can study both a bachelor’s degree and second cycle education at our department. First cycle education in Chinese will give you language skills and knowledge about China. You will learn how to view Asia from a broader perspective and obtain a deeper understanding for the Chinese culture and society.

Bachelor’s degree in Chinese

We offer a bachelor’s degree education including both language education and realia. After completed degree the student will have wider knowledge about China and have also acquired language skills in speaking, writing and reading. The student will develop language skills in all areas needed for a future career in the field of China studies.

To apply for Chinese I you need previous studies in Chinese either from upper-secondary school, level 3, or completed studies in Introductory course in Chinese I & II, or equivalent.

Please note that all first cycle courses are taught in Swedish.

Master’s programme in Chinese

Obtaining a master’s degree in Chinese will open many doors and career opportunities. The master’s programme builds on knowledge gained from bachelor’s level studies in Chinese and aims to provide the student with an advanced knowledge in the Chinese language, as well as a cultural-historical and social analysis of modern China. The student will acquire a broad and deepened understanding of culture, politics and economy in contemporary China.

To apply for the master’s programme you need a bachelor’s degree in Chinese, as well as English B/English 6.

Please note that the master’s programme studies are taught in English and Chinese.

During the studies

To learn Chinese is not impossible, it is on the contrary an exciting challenge. Learning Chinese is like climbing the Great Wall of China, there are lots of interesting parts for you to discover. Of the bachelor’s programme’s third semester we offer an exchange to China in order to maximize the language development and learning. The exchange helps in the learning process and also prepares the student for the master’s programme China Studies. The master’s programme involves two semesters studying in China.

After the studies

How to proceed after completing a bachelor’s degree or a master’s degree in Chinese?

The bachelor degree gives you eligibility to apply for the master’s programme China Studies in order to further deepen your knowledge in Chinese. You can also choose to combine your Chinese skills with another degree such as economy, technology, social studies or humanities.

The master programme aims to provide the student with a job market competence that opens opportunities to work with connections to China and analyzing of modern China in public administration, as well as private business.
The programme gives eligibility to apply for the third-cycle study programme Asian languages and cultures.

If your first language is Chinese

We sometimes receive questions from native Chinese speakers who wish to study at our department, mostly to complement other studies (such as teacher education). We evaluate each case individually, and it is therefore recommended that you contact our course coordinator Johan Fresk.

Contact or 08-16 36 20