Welcome to Advanced Modern Chinese I!

For detailed information about the syllabus, application and eligibility, see Stockholm University Course Catalogue for Advanced Modern Chinese I

The roll call for Master's students in China Studies who will be studying Advanced Modern Chinese I will be held on Friday 25th August 2017 10-12 a.m. in the Asian Library at Kräftriket 21A. There we will present the Master programme, the teachers and the schedule for the fall term, as well as answer practical questions regarding classrooms etc. before the start of the course in week 35.

About the course

The course is devoted to reading and discussing literature and culturally related topics in Chinese. The purposes of this course are to enlarge students’ vocabulary, to increase students’ reading speed, to improve students’ reading comprehension, to maintain students’ conversation skills through class presentation and class discussion, and to enhance students’ writing ability through composition assignments.


See TimeEdit for the course schedule for fall semester 2017. Please note that the schedule is preliminary and may be updated.