Department of Biology Education. Photo: Eva Dalin
Department of Biology Education. Photo: Eva Dalin

The Department of Biology Education (BIG) is the only department at Stockholm University that does not have any research. BIG deals exclusively with matters of biology education, coordinating the teaching across the biological research departments. Because BIG mainly employs administrative staff it is likely also the smallest department at Stockholm University. See also Organisation.

Biology was one of the first subjects taught when Stockholm Univeristy was founded as lectures in botany and zoology were held in the spring of 1879. The first full time teacher at the university taught zoology. The general biology education began in the 1970's, partly due to new developing fields and partly as a response to changing needs in society and the jobmarket. The new education placed great demands on the coordination between biology departments; and so was created what was to become the Department of Biology Education (BIG).

In 1998 BIG was awarded 'Educational Department of the year'. And severall of the teachers on the courses offered at BIG have received the university's Award for Good Teaching:

  • Ki Winbladh, Department of Zoology (1993)
  • Owe Jansson, previously Department of Botany (1996)
  • Tore Bengtsson, previously the Wenner-Gren Institute for Experimental Biology (1999)
  • Gunnel Skoog, Department of Zoology (2002)
  • Margareta Ohné, previously Department of Genetics, Microbiology and Toxicology (2007)