To be eligible for late start you must have completed courses at advanced level which are compulsory/elective within the programme of interest, in addition to meeting the eligibility erquirements for the programme in general. That is to say you should have read the equivalent of students who have studied the first term/year of the programme (depending on if you are applying to the second term or second year respectively). Courses should be completed by the end of the term in which the application is made.

For example, if you want to join the Master's programme in Ethology in the second semester, then you should have a) have a Bachelor's degree in Biology (or equivalent) including ca 15 credits of ethology (the eligibility requirements for the programme) and b) completed Ethology II, Animal cognition and Human Behaviour (the courses taken in the first semester).

As part of the applications you have to confirm that you expect to have/applied for the Bachelor's degree before start of next term. You will also will be asked to list which courses you have completed/currently taking which you plan to include in your Master.


Eligible students are then ranked based on the motivation letter and research ideas. These are also completed as part of the application (below), and are assessed on how well they answer the questions within the given word limit.


  • Deadline to join the programme in the spring term is December 15th (applications open Decemeber 1st).
  • Deadline to join in the autumn term is May 15th (applications open May 1st).

Apply by filling in the form below (only visible when application is open (see deadlines above).