In Sweden you are not automatically awarded a degree when you have completed your studies, you have to apply for it. The degree certificate is free of charge but may be very valuable. It may be required when applying to post-graduate studies and/or by employers. Students that hold a degree earn more on average than students who completed their studies but did not apply for the degree.

Degrees in Biology

At the Department of Biology Education you can study for a one or two year Master's degree. Degrees are offered in the following subjects (only two years unless otherwise stated):

You can study for the degree in Biology by taking freestanding courses, for the specialised degrees you must follow one of our Master's programmes. If you follow a programme and complete the courses as listed in the programme syllabus, then you will also meet the requirements for the corresponding degree. For a one year degree you must have 30 ECTS credits in Biology at advanced level as well as a degree project of 30 credits.

The Department of Biology Education also offers three degrees at Bachelor's level. These require that you are fluent in Swedish, as the courses are not offered in English.


Please see instructions from the Degree Office for how to apply for your degree. Please note that the date on the degree certificate is the date that it is issued not the date you complete your studies. All the courses you intend to include in the degree need to be completed before you can apply.

To apply for one of our degrees you should choose the following settings:

Degree: Master's Degree (Art, Science) 120.0 hp (or 69.0 hp)
Main fields of study: Same as the programme you followed, or biology if you studied took freestanding courses (please note they are not listed alphabetically or in any apparent order)

Academic ceremonies

When you are awared a degree at advanced level from Stockholm University you will also receive an invitation to a Conferment of Master's Degree ceremony held in Aula Magna.

The Science Faculty also hold a ceremony every year in May for students who have or are expected to complete their studies in that year.