Study counsellor

Birgitta Åkerman, study counsellor at BIG, can help you if you:

  •     have problems with your studies
  •     are wondering what courses to choose
  •     want to discuss career prospects

The study counsellor is bound by professional secrecy.

Lisa Weingartner

Elisabet Weingartner, Photo Per Cronholm


Phone: + 46 8 16 4070
Office: E 311, Svante Arrhenius väg 20C







Birgitta Åkerman

Birgitta Åkerman
Birgitta Åkerman. Photo: Eva Dalin


Phone: + 46 8 16 3660
Mobile: +46 70 328 86 89
Office: E 311, Svante Arrhenius väg 20C

Phone hours: Mon-Fre 10-12 am
Visiting hours: Tue 2-6 pm
Meetings can be booked on the door


General study and career counselling

There are also study and career counsellors in Studenthuset who can help if you have general questions about studying at Stockholm University, or questions about other subjects.

Other questions

Questions about registration, studying abroad, admissions to Master's programmes and more can be directed elsewhere in the student office.