Exam information, Intermediate level and Master programme

Here, we have gathered important information about exams at our department.

Please remember that you must register for an exam in Ladok. you cannot write the exam without being registered. Please also check your exam registration in Ladok


The registration period for a written examination is usually from one month up to eight days before the examination date. Exceptions may occur, for example due to national holidays. After the last registration date, no more registrations are accepted.

Please register for written examinations via Ladok




Please remember to register on time!


You must show a valid ID for the invigilator. Without a valid ID, you will not be permitted to write the exam and cannot enter the exam room.

Rules for written exams at Stockholm University


Exams and resit exams

  • At the end of each course, there is an exam, in the majority of cases a written one (in-class work may also be used as a base for your grade)
  • A re-sit exam is offered on each course some weeks after the first exam
  • There is no limit as to how many re-sit exams a student may take to pass a course (for courses that are offered)
  • If a course is discontinued, an extra exam will be organised each term for the following three semesters
  • A student who has obtained a passing grade on an exam cannot re-take the exam in order to improve his/her grade


  • If a course has a credit system, the credit earned during the term is valid for the regular exam and the re-sit exam of that term
  • If a re-registered student would like to participate in the credit system of the course again, she/he can only do so if granted a new place on the course by the course administrator

Exam results

Results are posted on mitt.su.se no later than 15 working days after the exam or no less than two weeks before the resit exam (depending on which occurs first).

Your exam

You may pick up your exam papers when the grades have been posted. You must show ID and sign for the exam. An exam is a public document. Exams that have not been collected within two years will be discarded

Exam review

An exam review is sometimes organised after the exam on a course. Place and time for the exam review is posted with the results on the notice board.

At the exam review the professor/teacher will review how the students’ answers have been evaluated and what is required for each grade. After the review you can sign for your exam and ask for additional information about the grading of your exam. If you wish to dispute the grading of your exam the following rules apply:

  • The grading decision cannot be appealed
  • You can, however, ask the professor/teacher to reconsider the grading decision. You need to hand in a request for reconsideration of the grading of your exam. The form is provided by the Department of Economics. There is no formal time limit, but you are advised to hand in requests for reconsideration of grading decisions without delay. To avoid any suspicion of cheating, you are recommended to ask for a copy of your exam and not sign for the original.

If you cannot take part in the exam review, or if no exam review is organised, please contact the course administrator or the teacher directly.


Results on all courses are given as one of seven grades, for passing grades A through E where A i the highest grade and E the lowest, and for non-passing grades Fx or F where Fx is higher than F.

Information about the grading criteria for a course can be found in the course syllabus, please see the course web site.

Unless the teacher states differently, the points received on the written exam are translated into the grades as follows:

Grades Percentage of total exam points
A 90-100%
B 75-89%
C 60-74%
D 50-59%
E 45-49%
F or FX 0-44%


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