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Welcome to the Geology group

The field embraces the study of planet Earth as a dynamic system through integrated applications of geological, geochemical and/or geophysical methods. To find out about the research interests of our group members, please follow the links below.

Professor Victoria Pease
Research topics: Tectonics and Magmatism

Docent Iain Pitcairn
Research topic: Ore Geology

Professor Uwe Ring
Research topics: Structural Geology and Tectonic

Doctor Joakim Mansfeld
Research topics: Crustal building and Scandinavian Geology.

Doctor Paola Manzotti
Research topics: Tectonics, Metamorphic Geology and Geochronology

Professor Alasdair Skelton
Research topics: Metamorphic Petrology, Earthquakes and Paleoclimate

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Program leader

Alasdair Skelton
Professor of Geochemistry and Petrology
+46 (0)8 16 47 50

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