The Ore Research Group – ORG – carries out research into the formation of ore deposits from source area processes, ore fluid chemistry and fluid flow mechanisms to precipitation mechanisms for ore deposits.  Key research areas include:

Source area processes – A critical aspect of ore formation is the generation of metal-rich fluids in the source areas for ore deposits.  Our research in this area attempts to identify the source areas for metals enriched in ore deposits and investigates the processes that control the production of the metal rich fluids.  

Tracing sources of ore fluids – We use stable and radiogenic isotope analyses and trace element analyses from ore and gangue minerals to identify the source of ore forming fluids.

The composition and state of ore-forming fluids – We use fluid inclusion microthermometry, Raman microspectroscopy and LA-ICPMS to constrain the state and composition of ore-forming fluids.

Ores mixed image