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Aesthetic Practices and Creative Processes

Another strand of research is the analysis of the creative processes by which artistic ideas are articulated. This includes the critical examination of structures and methods of production, their social and political consequences and their impact on the artwork.

By studying the articulation of the artistic material in production, it is possible to analyse aspects of it that are perhaps only partially visible in the final product that meets the audience. This is one of the areas where the objectives and methodologies of artistic and academic research can complement each other; another is the field of acting and actor training (partly in collaboration with Stockholm Academy of Dramatic Arts).

One field in which this combination of methods is used is dramaturgy. From mainly being in charge of preparing the material to be staged, the dramaturge is now often a co-creator. In the field of post-dramatic and devised performance, as well as in the interdisciplinary fields of visual arts, dance, musical theatre or circus, new dramaturgical idioms are emerging.

The embodied experience of the artistic work is another object of study. Building on reception studies and empirical research on audiences and their perception and interpretation of performances, we focus on the way audiences react to and engage with the performing arts. This aesthetic experience takes place in social and political contexts that frame the process of reception.


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Head of Research
Tiina Rosenberg
Room: 357
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Administrator for Collaborative Research
Christer Johansson
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Director of Graduate Studies
Inga Sanner
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Research Secretary of Graduate Studies
Rebecca Brinch

Administrator of Graduate Studies
Åsa Mäki
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