“Traditionally, high energy photons have been used to treat brain tumors. Most of the patients

Siamak Haghdoost

get rid of the tumors, but their brains are often degenerated as an unfortunate side-effect of the radiation. However, by using charged-particle-radiation the dose can be concentrated locally to the tumor, thereby saving the rest of the brain”, Siamak explains.

The recruitment is a part of the project; Advanced Resource Center for HADrontherapy in Europe (ARCHADE). A brand new institute has been created in Caen to treat cancer patients with hadron therapy. The University of Caen has traditionally been very strong in particle physics research.

“I will focus on brain tumors in children. My main research question will be to find out why these types of tumors are resistant to almost any kind of therapy. The first patient will be treated in May. I will be able to apply the molecular knowledge that I have acquired here at MBW”.

Apart from applied research, Siamak will continue along his line of basic research together with his post doc, Paulo Godoy. Siamak will also have teaching obligation at the University of Caen, something he looks forward to.

“I will be responsible for a master program in Biology of Particle Radiation. That is another reason why I decided to move”.

Siamak will have a dual affiliation between University of Caen (80 %) and Stockholm University (20 %)

His research group will remain at MBW.