The actin regulator profilin 1 is functionally associated with the mammalian centrosome

Life Science Alliance Nov 2020, 4 (1):

Michaela Nejedlá, Anastasiya Klebanovych, Vadym Sulimenko, Tetyana Sulimenko, Eduarda Dráberová, Pavel Dráber, Roger Karlsson


Profilin 1 is a crucial actin regulator, interacting with monomeric actin and several actin-binding proteins controlling actin polymerization. Recently, it has become evident that this profilin isoform associates with microtubules via formins and interferes with microtubule elongation at the cell periphery. Recruitment of microtubule-associated profilin upon extensive actin polymerizations, for example, at the cell edge, enhances microtubule growth, indicating that profilin contributes to the coordination of actin and microtubule organization. Here, we provide further evidence for the profilin-microtubule connection by demonstrating that it also functions in centrosomes where it impacts on microtubule nucleation.