For Doctoral students there is both a general study program (ASP) for all Doctoral students within the main areas of Asian languages and cultures and Middle Eastern languages and cultures, and an individual study program (ISP) for each student.

General study program

Third cycle education (Doctoral studies) is regulated by a general study program that has been approved by the Faulty of Humanities:

Individual study program

There must be an individual study program for every active Doctoral student.

The aim of an individual study program is to help you complete your studies within the appointed time (that is, while you are employed at the Department).

You will plan your individual study program with your supervisor at the beginning of each academic year. It has to be handed in to the person responsible for third cycle education in early September every year.

You will find the form for your individual study program here.

Assessment and changes

The Supervisors’ Council assesses and approves the individual study programs and then reports them to the Department Board.