During your studies

During your studies at Stockholm University you will probaly need different kind of support and services. On this page you will find several "good to have" entries to specific services.

A wide range of student support and services are available to you at Stockholms University! Discover the library, the Academic Writing Service, special support measures for students with disabilities, and other resources.

Do not forget to check out what resources, support and services the Department of Archeology and Classical Studies offers you as a student.

En grupp studenter sitter runt ett bord. Foto: Niklas Björling/Stockholms universitet.
Foto: Niklas Björling/Stockholms universitet.

The Academic Writing Service provides English-language support for writing and study skills. We give talks and seminars and offer individual guidance.


Foto: Karl Edqvist/Stockholms universitet.

Stockholm University Library is an important resource for students. Here you can borrow and order course literature. The library also gives you access to scientific literature, journals and databases, in printed as well as digital format.



The academic year at Stockholm University starts in late August and ends in early June. The academic year is divided into two semesters, an autumn semester and a spring semester.

Term dates

Here we’ve collected information on some of the most important rights and responsibilities that you have as a student.


The Departments library is a reference library which means that you can´t borrow books to take home but you can read them at the department. Would you like to borrow a book, please see the opening hours below or contact the student affairs office and they will let you in to the library.

Office hours
Tuesday 9AM-11AM

Thursday 1PM-3PM

If you want access to the library when it is closed, please contact studentadm@ark.su.se.


Study and career counselling


Foto: Henrik Berggren/Stockholms universitet.

Are you interested in studying at Stockholm University but don't know where to start? Our experienced study and career counsellors are happy to help you. At Stocholm University we have both general and departemental career counsellors who concentrates on different aspects, the general counsellors can give you basic information about courses and programs and the departemental counsellor has specific knowledge of the departments different subjects.

This service is free of charge to prospective as well as existing students.


General study and career counsellors

Our general study and career counsellors are based in Studenthuset at the Frescati campus and can help you with information about studying at Stockholm University, such as programmes and courses available and eligibility requirements.

Aula Magna. Foto:Niklas Björling, Stockholms universitet.

Stockholm University provides special pedagogical support to students with documented long-term disabilities. On this page, you can read more about common support measures and how to apply for support.

Studying with a disability

It is very important that you apply for special pedagogical support as early as possible in order to receive a certificate describing the types of support recommended for you. After you received your certificat contact a study counsellor at your department. The study counsellor will then inform you what support you can get at the Department of Archaeology ans Classical Studies.

Contact the study counsellors at the Department: studievagledare@ark.su.se



The department has two study and career counsellors who have specific knowledge of the different subjects taught at the Wallenberglaboratoriet.

Study councellor and student affairs office
Student affairs office
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