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On these pages you can learn about different ways of studying abroad. Find out about exchange studies, traineeships and other possibilities to go international as a student.

A student exchange means that two universities exchange students between them, thus there are no additional student fees. You are able to apply for either one or two semesters, and there is a possibility to receive a scholarship if you do your exchange within the programmes Erasmus+, Nordplus or north2north.

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Stockholm University offers two different exchange and network possibilities: departmental and central/university-wide. Please note that the application processes differ between the two.

Central (university-wide) agreements and networks.

Calls for applications


The Department of Archeology and Classical Studies have agreements (IIA) for the period 2023-2028 with the following universities:

Through the student exchange, you will not have to pay any additional student fees and you will be granted a scholarship:

Go international

Coordinator at the Department of Archaeology and Classical Studies is Vaidilute Bjerregaard, e-mail:, telephone: +46 (0) 816 31 34.

Are you interested in doing a traineeship abroad? As a student at Stockholm University you can apply to internships in order to do a traineeship in a country that is included in the Erasmus programme.

Erasmus + traineeship


Degree project abroad

Volterra. Photo: Maria Lowe Fri

Are you interested in an internship or a field study abroad? Students at Stockholm University can write an essay, or collect data (for a degree project) abroad through the two scholarship programmes; Erasmus+ or the Minor Field Studies.

writing an essay through Erasmus+

Collect data through Minor Field Studies?


Short-term exchange

Colosseum, Rome. Photo: Unsplash/Mathew Schwartz.
Colosseum, Rome. Photo: Unsplash/Mathew Schwartz.

Do you want to study abroad without having to spend a whole semester away? In that case a summer course, a traineeship or field studies could be a good option.

To study abroad during a period of time is often very rewarding, from an academic as well as a personal perspective. However, for some students it can be difficult to be away for a whole semester. Here you find information about our short-term exchange possibilities. More information about requirements, application procedures and deadlines is detailed in each call for application.



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