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The department consists of two distinct but closely collaborative subjects - economic history and international relations. The subjects can be combined in a degree or studied individually.

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Economic History is the study of production, reproduction, distribution and consumption, and the changing social and institutional conditions for this. The teaching of economic history provides broad chronological overviews of how society and the economy have been transformed from the Middle Ages to the present day, both internationally and in our country.

The courses are gven in Swedish and the course descriptions in the links below are also only in Swedish. 

Economic History I

Economic History II

Economic History III


Bachelor's programme in Global Political Economy with Historical Perspective


In international relations, the international political, economic and cultural functioning of the international system, its historical development and changing power relations are studied. Our courses provide knowledge of the economic and historical conditions for current international problems, such as the consequences of globalization, international conflicts, security, cooperation and integration, both at regional and global level.

International Relations I

International Relations II

International Relations III


The course is an independent internship course where students who have previously studied social sciences are given knowledge from and contacts with working life, and the relationship between theory and practice is central.

Internship course


The Department of Economic History and International Relations offers a number of master’s courses, which can be combined into a master's degree in either economic history or international relations. The courses on the Master’s level are all held in English.

Master’s level 


We currently offer two doctoral programs - one in Economic History and one in International Relations.

The research and postgraduate education at the Department of Economic History and International Relations is characterized by its wide range. Follow the links for information about what it means to attend postgraduate studies at our department and how to apply. 

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