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Welcome to the Department of Economic History and International Relations! Here you get the opportunity to study social processes in a longer perspective. Our department is relatively small and provides good conditions for being seen and listened to as a student.

The Department of Economic History and International Relations can be found in Södra huset, A-huset floor 9. About 70 people work here - researchers and teachers as well as administrative staff. A total of about 450 students are registered each year.

Our subjects

The department consists of two distinct but closely collaborative subjects - economic history and international relations. The subjects can be combined in a degree or studied individually.

Our courses include training in critical analysis through different theoretical perspectives and methods for how to use historical and contemporary source material. In teaching, we place great emphasis on theoretical openness and the ability to evaluate strengths and weaknesses in various theoretical approaches. Pluralism and theoretical openness have always been a hallmark of research and teaching at our department.

Economic History is the study of production, reproduction, distribution and consumption, and the changing social and institutional conditions for this. Economic-historical research is characterized by theoretical pluralism and method breadth, which means that both quantitative and qualitative methods are used, e.g. econometrics, discourse analysis, oral history and source-critical archival studies. The subject covers several different fields such as company history, price history, social history, working life history, environmental history, historical demography and gender division of labor. The department conducts research in several of these areas and for long historical periods.

Our courses in Economic History

In the field of international relations, we study how the international system works politically, economically and culturally, its historical development and changing power relations. The department has three research profiles in international relations: international security, international institutions and the global political economy in a historical perspective.

Our courses in International Relations



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