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Welcome to our department! We hope you will enjoy your studies and we are happy to be a part of your student experience.

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Admission and registration

Here you will find information for those who have been admitted or admitted with conditions to one of our courses or programs.

This information is intended for you who are to study one of our undergraduate courses or our bachelor's program. We apply web registration to all of our courses and programs and will have no appeal. It is therefore very important that you read the information below carefully.

If you are accepted with conditions (code VI on, you can not register. It is therefore important that you carefully read the information found under the heading Accepted with conditions.

In order to retain your place, you must register for the course you are admitted to as follows:
1. Use your username and password from to activate your student account. 
Activate your student account

2. You now have access to the student portal Ladok for students where you register for your course.
Log in to Ladok

3. The place then moves on to the next reserve. We make no exceptions for non-registration regardless of the reason why you have not registered.

4. When you register, you will not receive a confirmation email from Ladok. But if the course appears under "Current education" in the student interface after you have registered, you are registered for the course.

If you can not register yourself or have problems with your registration, you need to contact us via and ask for help before the last day of registration. Enter your social security number and which course it applies to. If you contact us after this date, we can unfortunately not help you.


More information

For the course schedule, bibliography and other information, see Athena or the course website.

A successful start

Study with a disability

Checklist for new students

After your course registration, it is important that you visit Athena, SU's learning and collaboration platform, to ensure your access to the site and your course page. Note, however, that it can take up to 48 hours after course registration before you come in and see your current course in the system. If you experience problems with access after that, but know that you have registered the course correctly and have an active university account, you can contact for help. Indicate what the problem is, which course and your social security number.

You log in to Athena with your university account, the same as you use in ladok to register for a course.
Log in to Athena

If you did not meet the eligibility requirements at the time of application, you have been accepted with conditions. This means that you can not register online. Instead, you will receive an email with instructions on how to keep your reserved place on the course and when you last need to have met the requirement to read the course. We always email you to the email address you have registered when you applied via, so make sure that this email address is correct and updated.

For the course schedule, bibliography and other information, see Athena or the course website.

A successful start

Study with a disability

Checklist for new students

When the registration is complete, it is important that you start your studies as soon as possible and acquire a study technique that is suitable for academic studies. These differ from high school studies. There are large amounts of text you should be able to read, analyze, structure and present in different forms. It is important that you learn to master academic writing.

If you study full-time, you must expect your working hours to be at least as long as if you were gainfully employed. 40 hours of work per week is a prerequisite for completing the studies on time. Start reading the course literature for a course immediately after the previous course has ended and try to keep a fairly fixed work schedule. Please note that it is therefore assumed that you use the time between the various scheduled teaching opportunities.

Tip: Form study groups!
As the studies mostly consist of self-study, we recommend that you form a study group with three or four peers to work together during different parts of the education and discuss the course literature.


Athena - our learning platform

The department uses the university's learning platform Athena. At the start of the course, you will receive information from the teacher about Athena and how it will be used in the course. Login is required, and you log in with your university account (username and password). You must be registered for a course to access Athena.

Learn more about Athena here



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