Become a researcher

Are you a curious person who is driven to learn and know more? Do you thrive in an academic environment? Postgraduate education is a unique opportunity to gain an in-depth knowledge of the area of law in which you are interested.

black hat with pleats
The black hat with pleats is awarded to new doctors and honorary doctors at the Faculty of Law during the doctoral ceremony - the most important and traditional of all academic ceremonies. Photo: Ingmarie Andersson/Stockholm University

A doctoral programme is four years long and results in a doctoral degree, which is the highest academic degree in Sweden. There is also a shorter two-year doctoral programme that ends with a licentiate degree.

As a doctoral student, you are trained in a scientific approach. This can be briefly described as practice in critical and analytical thinking, solving problems on your own and using the right methodological choices, and gaining an awareness of research ethics.

The programme provides the competence to conduct research independently, a deep understanding of the subject area and the skills to communicate knowledge and create conditions for others to learn. After graduation, there are opportunities to continue research and teaching for a further career in academia. 

Doctoral Studies at SU Law



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