An important feature of our research, and one of SULaw's strong characteristics, is the number of significant law journals and publications in book series produced at the Faculty.

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About our publications and series

From the Faculty of Law's strategies 2019-2022:

Legal research has a high social relevance, and its results should be communicated to other researchers as well as to the society. 

Through our many book series and publications, we are able to bring together researchers working in the same field, and to jointly generate and disseminate research results in different forms. 

In total, we have ten publication series and journals, all well established at national or international level. Together, they cover virtually all topics in legal science. Those with an international focus are presented below.


Scandinavian Studies in Law (Sc.St.L.) is a book series containing articles by Scandinavian academics and legal experts. Each volume focuses on a specific law topic and the work is conducted under the auspices of a scientific coordinator who is an expert in the field. Most articles have never been published before, although on occasion, the series presents translations or updates of previously published articles from the Nordics.

The first volume was published in 1957 and to date, more than 900 articles have been published, most of which are freely available in full text on the Sc.St.L. database.


The Stockholm University Intellectual Property Law Review (SIPLR) is a student-led journal of legal scholarship with a focus on European Intellectual Property Law. The primary purpose of SIPLR is to create an academic legal forum where the most influential and significant topics of IP law are discussed by students, scholars and lawyers.

The Editorial Board comprises of students and the programme directors of the Master’s Programme ‘European Intellectual Property Law’ from Stockholm University. Students are selected in the first semester of the course.


Stockholm Studies in Child Law and Children's Rights seeks to provide timely and high-quality analyses of all legal issues relating to the interactions of children and adolescents with their surrounding societies.

The focus is on legal research results, but multi-disciplinary child-right-related studies also have an obvious place in the series. The diversity of contributions is maintained by including scholarly works by academics and scholars from all over the world.

Read more at Stockholm Centre for the Rights of the Child


DiVA - Digital Scientific Archive

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The principles of freedom and independence of research define the scientific work of the Faculty. Our researchers and students produce a large number of publications and student papers of high scientific quality every year. Since 2007, these are registered in the database DiVA, an institutional repository for research publications and student theses written at 50 universities and research institutions in Sweden.


As of spring 2018, our students have published their term paper in DiVA. Often they are published in full text and can be downloaded directly from the site. 

If you would like to order a copy of a thesis that is missing from DiVA, please contact the department's archivist:

Our publications in DiVA

In DiVA (The Digital Academic Archive) you will find all publications by Stockholm University’s researchers and educators from year 2007.

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