Are you an employee at the Department of Law? Below is some specific information meant as a complement to Stockholm University's Staff pages.

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SULaw's intranet

Make sure to regularly check SULaw's own intranet. This is where you will find the most up-to-date information about the department, as well as all the documents of importance regarding employment, organisation or administration. Access SULaw's intranet using the following link:

SULaw's intranet

The Stockholm University's Staff Pages are also an essential place for all employess to find information :

Stockholm University's Staff Pages


Staff Mobility

All employees at Stockholm University and SULaw have the opportunity to undertake staff mobility within the Erasmus+ programme. The Erasmus+ programme provides a grant aimed at increasing internationalisation in Europe and the opportunity for personnel at higher education institutions to collaborate and share best practices.

Two kinds of mobility are possible depending on your employment at SULaw:

  • job shadowing (for all personnel) for 2-5 working days, travel excluded
  • teaching mobility (for teaching personnel) for 2-60 days, travel excluded

Please note that, if teaching is included in their contract, doctoral students are able to choose between the two categories.

The actual programme of your stay is something that you decide in collaboration with the host university.

There are different ways to find a suitable host university. You can use your own network and existing contacts at different universities, or choose one of SULaw’s partner universities. Another possibility is to attend so-called Staff Weeks i.e. events at different universities around Europe.

SULaw’s partner universities (choose “Department of Law”)

Erasmus Staff Weeks

All information about the terms and conditions for the Erasmus+ programme grant, please visit the central university pages on staff mobility:

Stockholm University Staff Mobility

Applications are open between 1 August and 15 June each year, and if you are interested in applying, do so as soon as possible since the grant is distributed on a first come, first served basis.

Please note that you must contact your closest supervisor/manager to ensure that a mobility period is suitable taking into consideration both time frame and workload at SULaw.

Information as well as the application procedure clearly outlined can be found on the central university pages:

Stockholm University staff mobility application procedure


In case of an emergency

In case of a serious emergency, always call 112!

  1.  Take the necessary steps to put yourself in safety and prevent further injury.
  2.  Call 112 and ask for an ambulance, the police and the fire brigade.
  3.  Call a security guard at 08-16 22 16.

SU's crisis support

Stockholm University has over 50 defibrillators placed on the premises. The defibrillator located closest to the Department of Law is in Building C on floor 3, on the wall between both staircases. Read more about defibrillators at Stockholm University on the following page:

In an emergency

All facilities must be evacuated in case of fire or threatening situations where people's lives or health are at risk. If a fire breaks out or you notice thick black smoke in the vicinity of your workroom, call 112 and ask for the fire brigade.

The call to 112 should be made with a mobile phone on the way out to the open air or at the assembly point (see below). What is essential in case of a fire is that everyone gets out and away from the danger asap.

When on the phone with the fire brigade, tell them:

  •     where the fire is (the address)
  •     what has happened
  •     where you are calling from (telephone number)
  •     who is calling (your name)
  •     and answer any questions the alarm personnel may ask you

Assembly point

Evacuate the building and go to your designated assembly point: the exit towards the parking in Building C on floor 2.

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