SULaw has a number of departmental libraries that house law collections in areas such as arbitration law, legal informatics, or maritime and transport law.

Students searching on a computer in a library
In addition to Juridicum's own departmental library, the Stockholm University Library is open to all students and researchers. Photo: Niklas Björling

SULaw's library, which consists of collections in various fields of law, is run through our institutes and centres. If you are interested in accessing the collections, please contact the person in charge at the relevant institute/centre.


The Arbitration Library contains a specialized up-to-date collection of books and journals on arbitration. While the focus is on international commercial arbitration, the library also holds books on investment arbitration, mediation and negotiation, private international law, international sales of goods etc. It also holds the private collection of literature and arbitral awards of the late Judge Gunnar Lagergren.

The Arbitration Library is sponsored by SULaw, Vinge, Mannheimer Swartling, Norburg&Scherp, Roschier and Delphi. The collection of books is fully searchable at
Students, researchers and practitioners are welcome to visit the Arbitration Library. Books can be read on site only. In order to plan your visit, contact Senior Lecturer Daria Kozlowska-Rautiainen or Associate Professor Crina Baltag.


The Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law (SCCL) has an extensive library on its premises, which was started thanks to a donation from Professor Jan Hellner after his death. The library has subsequently been expanded through various substantial donations from, among others, Professor Emeritus Lars Gorton, Professor Henrik Edelstam and the Foundation of the Institute for Corporate Law ("Stiftelsen Institutet för Företagsjuridik"). We also receive regular donations to the library from Jure Förlag AB for newly published Swedish literature.

Today, the library contains over 4,000 titles and is accessible to researchers in the field of commercial law. the person responsible for the library is Fredrik Sandberg.


The Institute for Intellectual Property and Market Law (IFIM) at Stockholm University has a dedicated library whose collection includes a large number of research monographs, edited collections, reports, and specialist journals.

The library is located in Room C 900 at the Stockholm University Frescati campus.

About IFIM-Library


The Swedish Law and Informatics Research Institute’s library has been built up during the course of the Institute’s existence. The library’s collections include works within legal informatics, IT law and a multitude of related subjects.

The library is accessible to all of the Institute’s associates, postgraduate students and students who intend to write a thesis in the subject. Students are advised to contact their supervisor to access the library's resources. A list of available titles is available on the Institute's website, where you can also search the library's database.

About IRI Library


At the Axel Ax:son Johnson Institute of Maritime and Transport Law, Stockholm University, the Maritime Law Library is located on the premises of the Department of Law. The Institute is currently devoting considerable resources to scanning older titles in the field and completing a virtual library of Nordic maritime and transport law literature housed on the Institute's website. 

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