Incoming exchange students

SULaw welcomes over 200 students from its partner universities every year, either during the academic year, or during the summer. Below is more detailed information about these opportunities. Join us and be part of one of the largest law schools in the Nordics, and enjoy the benefits of living in a thriving capital!

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Exchange Programme

Exchange students who apply to study at SULaw during the academic year can choose to stay for either one or two semesters. They will get the opportunity to take law courses in English or Swedish at an advanced level, together with Swedish law students. Please note that if your home university is not among our partners, you cannot study law at Stockholm University as an undergraduate. As a free mover, you can only apply for our Master's Programmes.

Check out our brochure below!

In order to be admitted as an exchange student at SULaw, you must be officially nominated by one of our partner universities. Please check with your home university if they have a departmental agreement with us and how you should proceed if you are interested in an exchange at SULaw.

The deadline for nominations are:

  • April 30 for the following autumn semester/whole academic year
  • September 30 for the following spring semester

 You can check if your home universities is among our partners on the following page (make sure to look to choose the correct Department):

Partner Database

After receiving the official nomination from your home university, we will contact you by e-mail with further information regarding the application procedure.

You will apply online and be required to provide a copy of your most recent official transcript of records in English, not in your mother tongue.

Students joining us in the autumn semester will receive the link to the online application at the beginning of May with a deadline in the middle of May.

Students who only come for the spring semester usually receive the information at the end of September. The deadline for the application is then in the middle of October.

You will receive your Letter of Acceptance by e-mail. If you are student from a university outside the European Union and need a hard copy of your Letter of Acceptance for visa or residency purposes, we can provide you with one. Please visit the website of the Swedish Migration Agency in order to find out rules regarding visas and residence permits.

Swedish Migration Agency

For details about our course offer in law for the ongoing as well as for the next academic year, see the following page:

Law courses for exchange students

The law course offered to exchange students, whether in English or in Swedish, are undergraduate courses at advanced level. The courses are electives on year 4 of our Swedish law programme, meaning that exchange students will attend classes together with Swedish students.

All our law courses are worth 15 ECTS and require full time studies. Exchange students will therefore take two courses per semester. They will study one course at a time, take their exam and then move on to the next course.

Course Selection

You will be requested to select your courses after your Letter of Acceptance has been issued. You are expected to choose courses that have been pre-approved by your home university. It is possible to change courses during the academic year but only on condition that there are places left. The course selection will be made before each semester regardless of the duration of the exchange. Student staying for two semesters will therefore make two separate course selections, one for the fall (in June) and one for the spring (in November).

The application for student housing is entirely administrated by Stockholm University’s Housing Office. They will contact you with relevant information after you have received your Letter of Acceptance.

Housing for international students


Summer Programme

As an exchange student from one of our partner universities, you can also choose to participate in SULaw's summer programme. This programme is a chance to discover Stockholm at the best time of year together with students from all around the world!

Please note that our summer programme is not open to free movers.

In 2021, our summer programme will be offered online once more. There will be no social programme on campus, meaning the programme is entirely free.

Check out our brochure below!

Since the 2021 edition of the summer programme will take place entirely online with no social programme on campus, the programme will be entirely free for all students.

The 2021 edition of the summer programme is set up as follows:

Session 1 28 June - 9 July 2021
Session 2 12 July - 23 July 2021
Session 2 26 July - 6 August 2021


Our summer programme streches over 6 weeks divided into 3 sessions of 2 weeks, and students can choose to attend 1, 2 or all 3 sessions.

Each law course within the summer programme is worth 3,5 ECTS credit and the focus is on International, European and Business Law. The grading scale used is Pass/Fail and each student will be able to download an offical Transcript of Records after the completion of the programme.

There is  a written examination in each course, either in the form of a "take-home" exam or a sit-in exam.

The schedules for the courses are designed to enable the students to participate in two to three courses for a a two-week period, and we encourage the students to sign up for as many courses as possible during their stay to make the most of their visit to Sweden from both a knowledge and social perspective.

Below is the list of law courses on offer for the summer 2021:

Session 1

Law & Economics
EU Law in Brief
Public International Law in Brief
International Arbitration Law

Session 2

International Criminal Law
International Law, Peace and Post-Conflict Transitions (advanced level)
The Role of Law in International Politics (advanced level)
Global Health and Law (advanced level)

Session 3
World Trade Law (advanced level)
International Human Rights Law
Legal Writing and Critical Advocacy

Academic requirement

All our summer courses are undergraduate courses and we have courses at both basic and advanced levels. To enrol in a course at basic level, students are expected to have completed at least 60 ECTS (i.e. one full year of studies) in law prior to the programme. For courses at advanced level, we recommend that students have completed at least 120 ECTS (i.e. two full years of studies) in law.


Language Requirements

Since English is the language of instruction in all our summer courses, students are expected to have sufficient knowledge of English prior to the programme. We recommend that non-native speakers have a level of at least B2-C1.

Please note that we do not require to see any transcript of records and/or language tests. It is your home university that will make sure that you fulfill these requirements before they nominate you to us.

In order to be admitted to our summer programme, you must be officially nominated by one of our partner universities. Please check with your home university if they have a departmental agreement with us and how you should proceed if you are interested in attending SULaw's summer programme. Click on the link below to check if your home university is one of our partners (remember to filter down to the right department):

Partner Database

To help you make the most of your visit to Sweden, and because summer should not only be about studying, we also organise social and cultural activities as part of our summer programme. Come and discover Stockholm with us! You will get to experience Swedish culture through, among others, visits to local landmarks (e.g. the Stockholm City Hall, the Skansen Outdoor Museum or the Vasa Museum) and excursions to places of natural beauty (e.g. Skinnarviksberget or Djurgården). You will also get an insight into the Swedish business world thanks to company visits. A welcome and farewell dinner are also organised in each session of two weeks. The coordinators from SULaw will socialize with you during these activites, but you will still have plenty of time to discover Stockholm on your own or with your fellow summer students!

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