It lies in the very nature of legal sciences to collaborate with the surrounding society. Our operations at the Department of Law are therefore characterized by openness and interaction.

Ever since our faculty was founded in 1907, our work has been characterized by openness and interaction with the surrounding society. We are one of the university's most frequently enlisted consultation bodies and our researchers often contribute to public inquiries with their expertise. It is a societal commitment that pervades both our research and teaching.

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Read below about our existing collaborations and how you can get in touch with us if you are interested in starting a new one.


Our collaborations

The Department of Law has broad and extensive collaborations with society as well as many international connections. Our researchers regularly collaborate with authorities and organisations, act as experts in the media, contribute to public inquiries and communicate their research at open seminars.

Swedish School Championship in Law

Every year, the Swedish School Championship in law (Skol-SM i juridik in Swedish) takes place in the form of a procedural game, or Moot court, in SULaw's own Courtroom (rättegångssalen). The contestants are high school pupils enrolled in the law track, and come from all over the country. The judges are teachers from SULaw and guest legal practitioners.

The Swedish School Championships in law has been running since 2001 and is arranged in collaboration with the Nordic Academy of Law (Nordiska Juristakademien).

Swedish School Championship in Law (in Swedish only)



Rektorsprogrammet - the Rector Programme, 30 HE credits - is a professional training programme which aims to provide school rectors, preschool principals and other school leaders with the knowledge and skills required to be able to lead syllabus-driven preschool and school activities.

The programme, given in Swedish, is a collaboration between several departments at Stockholm University:

  • Department of Education (programme manager)
  • Department of Law
  • Stockholm Business School
  • Department of Political Science

Rektorprogrammet (in Swedish only)


Diversity Project

The Diversity Project was started at Stockholm University in the autumn of 2002 and aims to create good conditions for a smooth transition between upper secondary and university studies, and to show that studies in the law programme are not solely for people from certain areas or social groups. We do this by:

  • Participating in fairs and open houses
  • Providing high school students with realistic information about what law studies at Stockholm University entail and what the job opportunities are after completing the law programme
  • Offering, from the first semester in the law programme, a series of lectures to help new students with the writing of essays and court case summaries, as well as to give them tips and advice before examinations

Diversity Project


SULaw is part of several networks with other law departments from universities around the world:

Through Stockholm University’s involvement with international networks dedicated to research, education and collaboration, SULaw is also a member of two other networks :


The Stockholm Center Oxford Fellowship

Thanks to an agreement between the Stockholm Center for Commercial Law and the University of Oxford, one young researcher from SULaw has the opportunity to be employed for one year at the Faculty of Law in Oxford and at Christ Church College on economically favorable terms. The research position was created on the initiative of Oxford and is the first collaboration of its kind for the English faculty.


Student exchanges

SULaw has a portfolio of about 90 exchange agreements with foreign universities around the world. These agreements, which often also include teacher and staff mobility, take place within two different frameworks: Erasmus+ and bilateral agreements.

Thanks to these agreements, our students can expand their legal knowledge by studying law courses abroad without paying any tuition fees at the host universities. Similarly, foreign law students can join us at SULaw for either one or two semester.

Incoming exchange students


Research exchanges

SULaw has several ongoing research exchanges with foreign universities, where so-called Visiting Fellow/Senior Visiting Fellows are invited to carry out part of their research at a host law faculty. The aim is to establish lasting international collaborations between researchers and to promote international research. As a rule, research exchanges are administered by the Department's various centers.


Research programmes and projects

Our researchers are continuously involved in research projects of various kinds, nationally and internationally, and SULaw also participates in research programmes together with other universities. These programmes are often of great relevance to society - in Sweden and globally.

Our research

Formal consultations - referrals

SULaw often submits comments on proposals and inquiries that are sent to us for consultation. These are handled by the Faculty Office.

See previous referrals (in Swedish only)


Seminars and conferences

The department has active collaborations with several companies, organisations and authorities to share and communicate research. These events are often internal but the department also sometimes organises open seminars where everyone is welcome to listen to. These are announced in our calendar.

The Stockholm Center for Commercial Law (SCCL) for instance holds joint seminars with the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Finance, the Riksbank of Sweden, the Swedish National Debt Office and the Swedish Financial Supervisory Authority.

SCCL co-operation

SULaw event Calendar

SULaw in the media

Our researchers continuously participate in public contexts with their expertise.

See articles and features with our researchers (in Swedish only)


Collaborate with us

Do you and your business want to collaborate with us? We are eager to develop our research and teaching through successful collaborations and strongly believe it benefits everyone. Not only you, our students or our researchers - but also society at large. You are welcome to contact us!

So called "contract education" is a form of education where an employer or organisation commissions an educational programme from a higher education institution.

Contract education (Swedish Higher Education Authority)

SULaw has previously provided the following contract education courses:

  • The Law of Working Life, for TCO (The Swedish Confederation of Professional Employees)
  • Law, for teaching at Upper Secondary School
  • Public procurement
  • Introductory course in Commercial Law
  • Juvenile investigator
  • Investigation officer

If you are interested in knowing more about contract education, please contact our economy office Madeleine Sandberg.

Are you interested in hiring our students or offering them an internship? We are convinced that more meetings between the business community and the university are enriching for both parties and contribute to providing new perspectives on work within the legal sciences.

Reach out to our law students by advertising here on our website. Contact

SULaw's ad pages (in Swedish only)

Our researchers often collaborate on specific projects with various authorities or participate as members, experts and special advisers on boards, councils, committees and working groups. Reguarly, they are also asked to give expert opinions in various forms of media.

For comments, contact the Faculty Office.

Press contact:


Research project

External funding is an important prerequisite for research, and reaserch projects are often initiated and implemented in collaboration with other organisations.

Are you or your organisation interested in initiating or financing a project at the department? Contact our economy office Vansesa Cova Indriago.



You will find all relevant contact information for the department on the Contact page:


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