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Here you will find information about our courses at the PhD level. If you wish to take a course and you are not a PhD student on our programme, please contact the course director on the course.

The courses are offered at the Stockholm School of Economics (SSE), or at Stockholm University (SU). Unless otherwise stated, a course yields 7.5 ECTS points (units). Courses year 1 are mandatory for PhD students admitted to our programme.

One retake exam on each first year course is scheduled in January for Mathematics I and Microeconomics I and for the rest of the first year courses in August. For second year courses with written examination one retake exam is scheduled in August.


There are also individual courses in other areas. Uppsala University also offers second-year courses.

Unless otherwise stated, a course yields 7.5 ECTS points (units).

Autumn, first period, Q1

Bootcamp in computational economics, August 24-25 (no credits)

Development Economics I (EC38022, SU)

Labor I: Labor Supply, Productivity, and Earnings Heterogeneity (EC38025, SU)

Applied Empirical Economics I (EC38024, SU)

Quantitative Macroeconomic Methods I (EC38020, SU)

Measure-Theoretic Probability (PhD523, SSE)

Empirical Corporate Finance (PhD402, SSE)

Theoretical Asset Pricing (PhD404, SSE)

Autumn, second period, Q2

Development Economics II (EC38023, SU)

Labor II: Labor Demand (Uppsala University)

Quantitative Macroeconomic Methods II (EC38021, SU)

Topics in International Trade (EC38018, SU)

Behavioral Economics I (EC38013, SU & SSE)

Political Economy and Public Choice (PhD505, SSE)

Industrial Organization (PhD506, SSE)

Empirical Asset Pricing (PhD403, SSE Finance)

Spring, third period, Q3

Labor III: Human Capital (EC38010, SU)

Political Economics II (EC38011, SU)

Applied Macroeconomic Research (EC38014, SU)

Monetary Economics (EC38026, SU)

Publish or Perish? A paper writing course in Development and Experimental Economics (EC38028)

Topics in Finance (PhD424, SSE)

Spring, fourth period, Q4

Political Economics III (EC38016, SU)

Climate and the Economy (EC38027, SU)

Growth and Trade (EC38019, SU)

Design-based research using observational data (SU)

Labor IV: Imperfect and Regional Labor Markets (EC38015, SU)

Topics in Econometrics: Methods and Applications (PhD522, SSE)

Mini course on Structural Microeconometrics (PhD524, SSE)

Time Series Econometrics (PhD603, SSE)

First-year PhD-students are automatically registered for the final exam after a course. If a second-year course has an exam and you are registered in Athena, you will also automatically be registered for the exam. Registration for re-take exams is required well in advance by e-mail. Please contact your administrator if you do not intend to take the regular exam.

For exams at SSE, please contact Rasa Salkauskaite.
For exams at SU, please contact Anne Jensen.

Exam dates

Check your course schedule.

Old exams

Examples of previous exams will be posted on the course's Athena site.

Re-take exams in August

Dates will be updated in June.

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