The Department of Education collaborates with various municipalities and schools around Sweden. This mainly applies to questions about in-service training of teachers, principals and study and career counselors. But we also turn to various companies and organizations where we provide contract education.


Municipalities and schools

The Department of Education collaborates with various municipalities and schools in Sweden in terms of competence development, in-service training and contract education for both teachers, principals and other school staff.

The department can offer municipalities and schools different courses with a focus on, for example, mentoring, educational leadership and professional conversations.

In order to develop the competence of principals, there is the The National School Leadership Training Programme, a state-regulated professional training programme for school heads, and people with corresponding leadership positions.

Course areas

The workplace as a learning environment Montessori education
To lead teams Organization and change
Design for learning Educational leadership
The coaching conversation Professional conversations
Group guidance theory and method Counseling skills
Supervision and mentorship Theories of learning
Learning study The theory and method of guidance
Mentorship in preschool and school  



The Department of Education collaborates on various educations both within Stockholm University and with other universities and university colleges in Sweden. This applies to both courses and programs. The collaboration means that we can offer our students the opportunity for both breadth and depth in our educations.

We also collaborate with various universities around the world.

Our partner universities

We are currently collaborating with universities in the following countries; Australia, Cyprus, Greece, India, Iceland, China, the Netherlands, New Zealand, Poland, Spain, the United Kingdom, Turkey, Germany and the United States.

The collaboration applies to student and teacher exchange but also to administrative staff. This takes place within the Erasmus program, Linneus Palme or within one of our bilateral agreements with universities outside Europe.


As soon as you have finished a course or programme at Stockholm University you can join the university alumni network. As a member you can participate in network events, as a visitor or maybe a speaker, you can become a mentor for a student, welcome students to visit your workplace, maybe take a student as intern or ask a student to write a thesis work about some perspective of your workplace.

Alumni groups linked to the department

At the department, there are the following alumni groups that are linked to our educations:

  • Teacher
  • Master's Programme in Education with International and Comparative specialisation
  • Montessori Education
  • Bachelor's Programme in Personnel, Work and Organization
  • The National School Leadership Training Programme
  • Study and Career Guidance

The groups organize different meetings and invite to various lectures and seminars.

Join the alumni network

Alumni from Stockholm University are found all over the world. By joining the alumni network, it is easy to create contacts with other alumni and maintain continued contact with Stockholm University.

Here you will find information about the network, calendar, various alumni profiles and information about career/ skills development.

Discover the alumni network at Stockholm University



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