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In You and Your Workplace you will get an overview of the terms of employment at Stockholm University.

You and Your Workplace

People working at Stockholm University can find information on terms of employment, benefits, and other subjects like equality, the workplace, and the environment on web page for personnel.



As an employee at Stockholm University, you have the right to wellness. The offer is aimed at all employees and consists of four parts:
•    wellness hour
•    wellness benefit
•    group training in the Frescatihallen
•    training in the staff gym (for a fee).
For more information, see: Wellness

Wellness benefit

Employees should register the wellness benefit in Primula.

  1. Log in to Primula / My Page / Wellness benefit
  2. Select Health maintenance expenses
  3. Enter the date you paid for the wellness benefit
  4. Enter what Health maintenance expenses (wellness benefit) refers to e.g. Gym, Massage etc.
  5. Fill in the amount you have paid (maximum SEK 2,500 per calendar year)
  6. Scan receipts and attach to the Primula case (Note/Att)
  7. Click Calculate
  8. Click Preview/Print and print the cover page
  9. Then click Submit
  10. Provide cover page together with original receipt and/or supporting documents (for example invoice + bank statement) to our Human Resources Officer.



As an employee at the University you can contact Feelgood for counselling and telephone advice on work-related illnesses. The agreement does not include general medical care, but since it is often difficult to determine whether or not an illness is work-related, you should always call and consult a nurse. You can always get an appointment with a doctor for evaluation.

Our occupational health care services – Feelgood

The State has signed 2019-04-01 through the Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency (Kammarkollegiet) a ranked, framework agreement with:
1.    Specsavers Sweden AB
2.    Synoptik Sweden AB
3.    Synsam Group Sweden AB and
4.    Synologen AB.
This agreement means that you must first go to the supplier listed as #1.

Please contact the Head of Administration to obtain an order form/purchase order. The purchase order signed by the Head of Administration is sent to the employee via e-mail. The employee prints the purchase order and brings it to the store.

Computer glasses


Here you will find information on how you as an employee should act in the event of a crisis or serious incident and contact information for security guards and to the department's crisis group.

In case of ongoing serious illness or accident, death, threat, damage or sabotage:

  1. Rescue those who are in obvious danger and then put yourself in safety and take, if possible, measures to prevent further personal injury.
  2. Alarm: Call 112 and call an ambulance, police or fire brigade.
  3. Then call security guards 08-16 22 16 (during office hours) or 08-16 42 00 (during evenings, nights and weekends).
  4. Contact someone in IPD's crisis group.

The department's crisis group

The department's crisis group is led and organized by the head of department (replacement is deputy head of department). 

The crisis group consists of the following people/functions:

Carina Carlhed Ydhag, head of department
Phone: 08-16 30 87, 070-870 12 56

Helena Rehn, deputy head of department
Phone: 08-1207 6243, 072-147 40 11

Claudia Hakanen, head of administration
Phone: 08-16 37 64

Camilla Eldeby, assistant head of administration
Phone: 08-120 763 85, 076-722 42 42

Christer Paulin, facilities manager 
Phone 08-16 31 41, 070-576 88 52

Eva Olsson, departmental secretary
Phone:  08-16 10 89, 073-707 87 88

Solveig Hauser, communication officer
Phone: 08-120 763 42, 073-721 3882


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