At the Department of Education internal information and documents are shared via the intranet tool Confluence.

Please visit the University Staff pages to keep track on internal courses and seminars, and some other information that can be relevant to know about:

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Shortcuts to rules, IT systems and support

Rules & Regulations
IT Support systems

IPD's Intranet

IPD uses the tool Confluence as an intranet. You log in to the intranet (Confluence) with your SU account. It is currently only possible to reach Confluence from SU or via VPN.

IPD's Intranet

Today's schedule

Here you will find today's schedule in TimeEdit.

Today's schedule


Here you will find information on how you as an employee should act in the event of a crisis or serious incident and contact information for security guards and to the department's crisis group.

In case of ongoing serious illness or accident, death, threat, damage or sabotage:

  1. Rescue those who are in obvious danger and then put yourself in safety and take, if possible, measures to prevent further personal injury.
  2. Alarm: Call 112 and call an ambulance, police or fire brigade.
  3. Then call security guards 08-16 22 16 (during office hours) or 08-16 42 00 (during evenings, nights and weekends).
  4. Contact someone in IPD's crisis group.

The department's crisis group

The department's crisis group is led and organized by the head of department (replacement is deputy head of department). 

The crisis group consists of the following people/functions:

Carina Carlhed Ydhag, head of department
Phone: 08-16 30 87, 070-870 12 56

Matilda Wiklund, deputy head of department
Phone: 08-120 762 33, 072-083 62 75

Claudia Hakanen, head of administration
Phone: 08-16 37 64, 072-148 90 18

Hans Rosenberg, head of administration
Phone: 08-16 32 64

David Stone, facilities manager 
Phone 08-16 31 41, 070-576 88 52

Eva Olsson, departmental secretary
Phone:  08-16 10 89, 073-707 87 88

Solveig Hauser, communication officer
Phone: 08-120 763 42, 073-721 3882

Per Jacoby, communication officer
Phone: 08-16 33 20, 073-866 05 18

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