The Department of Education has approximately 170 employees, consisting of researchers, teachers and technical and administrative staff.


Management of the department

The department is led by the head of department, deputy head of department and the department board (IS). The management team is responsible for the management of the ongoing work, which in addition to the head of department and deputy head of department, includes the administrative head, deputy administrative head as well as directors of studies.

For each programme, there is a programme co-ordinator with special responsibility.

There is a head of education for The National School Leadership Training Programme and a director for the Centre for the Advancement of University Teaching (CeUL).

The department's research is organized in different research areas that include different research groups, to which our doctoral students are also attached.

Head of Department

Carina Carlhed Ydhag

Deputy Head of Department

Helena Rehn

Head of Administration

Claudia Hakanen
Anna Rawley


The Departmental Board is lead by the Head of the Department (chairperson) and the Vice Chairperson (Deputy Head of the Department). The board members represent the various categories of personnel: faculty members/researchers and administrative staff. The board also contains student representatives who are elected by the doctoral student council and the student union.

Departmental Board Members

From 2021-01-01 --- 2023-12-31.

Leading Members
Head of the Department Carina Carlhed Ydhag
Deputy Head of the Department Helena Rehn

Faculty and Researcher Members
Marianne Teräs
Åsa Broberg
Ulrika Bennerstedt
Joakim Landahl
Ali Osman
Jonas von Reybekiel Trostek
Petra Roll Bennet

Alternate Members- Faculty/Researchers
Larissa Mickwitz
Ali Reza Majlesi
Pär Larsson
Susanne Kreitz-Sandberg

Administrative Staff Member
Stephanie Lisak

Alternate Members - Staff
Marcus Bigert

Student Representatives (elected annually)
Fariba Majlesi (PhD Student Representative)
Ebba Christina Blåvarg (Alternate PhD Student Representative)
Jenny Lindholm  (Student Representative)



You can contact the Departmental Board through Departmental Secretary Eva Olsson.



Telephone and e-mail
Phone: +468162000 (switchboard)
Email education:
Email address for all staff at the Department: first

Visiting address
Frescativägen 54, Frescati, Stockholm
Frescativägen 50, (taxi)

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Head of Department
Deputy Head of the Department
Head of Administration
Head of Administration
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