Funding and positions

  • Elmgren and Blenckner are from now on, authorized to jointly decide upon a limited amount of support: maximum 50 000 SEK, to BEAM relevant projects.
  • The budget status was presented.
  • Gorokhova was awarded 30 000 SEK for a collaboration with ECOCHANGE.

Network and outreach

Thorsten Blenckner presented some activities and on-going work in Taskforce and suggested three main activities to focus on as the final reporting approaches:

  • I. A meeting for Baltic Sea stakeholders to be held in Stockholm, fall 2014 (400 000 SEK was set aside).
  • II. To encourage BEAM researchers to arrange special sessions at existing international conferences such as ASLO, ERF, ECSA, ISME.
  • III. To cover travel costs for postdocs and PhDs who wish to present BEAM results at international conferences.

During the summer the BEAM homepage will be moved to the Stockholm University web publishing system Polopoly. Suggestions on updates and changes are therefore welcome during this spring and summer.

Ambio Issue
Together with the other strategic research programme ECOCHANGE, BEAM researchers will produce a Special Report in the Journal AMBIO in spring 2015. All articles should be accepted by the end of 2014. Costs are calculated to be 300 000 SEK for BEAM.

Next meeting
26 September and 18 November, at 13-15. Venue: Stockholm University Baltic Sea Centre