The purpose of the workshop is to bring together Baltic Sea researchers to discuss our project. Different country studies and some preliminary results and analytical observations will be presented and discussed. We hope that the discussions at the workshop may guide the project group in the finalising of the country reports, and preparing for further comparative analysis.

Wednesday, 5th December 2012, 9:00 – 15:00, at the Faculty of Law
Organizer: Annika K. Nilsson (Annika.Nilsson(at)


In January 2012 a research project about legal approaches to controlling nutrient emissions to the Baltic was launched at the Faculty of Law of Stockholm University. The project is financed within the multidisciplinary programme BEAM (Baltic Eco-system Adaptive Management) at Stockholm University, and carried out by Annika K. Nilsson. The project comprises a comparative legal study, indicating that the regulatory approaches of different national legal systems in the Baltic Sea Region are described and analysed in comparison. After the starting up seminar in March, it was decided that the project should be supplemented with a Polish and a Danish study, thus facilitating a wider comparison. Subsequently, an Estonian study was also added to the project. These country studies will provide information about national environmental regulation in the Baltic Sea region, and serve as basis for comparative analysis within the current research project. Moreover, the reports of these studies will be published by Stockholm University, and may therefore serve as basis for further research, by the project group members, and other researchers.